1 Month House Flip (DIY)


This was just my husband and I and we know we are not professionals, but we did have help from a professional contractor when we were tearing down walls and putting up beams. We also hired an electrician and plumber to do a few things and had our brother come help lay tile. This was a huge learning experience and, looking back now, there are tons of little things I would have done differently. But overall we are happy with how things turned out and can’t wait to start on our next project.


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  1. Why they use carpet on floor in America… Dont they get dirty easily Or the electric bill is low over thr…. They use vacuum cleaners to clean it's very time consuming all though

  2. If you were take down a wall in my house it would take ages, its made of strammit damn it! Strammit board is like a heavily compressed straw. Horrible stuff to work with.

  3. why does the room with the double vanity and bath have a big open are at the end with nothing in it? whats it for? cant make sense of the bathroom with that space.

  4. God bless you and your family what a super amazing job you all did . Sure wish I knew your family so I could learn what you do . I’m just starting to learn how to paint , put up shelves and redo a porch . I’m not a professional but I sure am learning and with time I’ll learn a little bit more who knows and start my own business . Thanks again keep up the great work . It’s awesome encouragement for me and others .

  5. You guys did a great job. I thought u were professionals.. And it was great that you had your kids involved in the process. I enjoyed. I'm really interested in learning and possibly going to school for this. I know it's alot of work but it turned out amazing at the end.

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