https://www.bankrate.com/mortgages/rate-trends/ Expert poll: Mortgage rate predictions for May 14-20 Hi guys! Welcome back to Bankrate’s weekly expert poll for mortgage rate predictions. This is where we ask financial experts around the country to give us their predictions for next week’s mortgage rates. Our experts use a variety of factors to come up with their predictions,
OOOPS WE DID IT AGAIN! Guys, we flipped another house! Well, sort of…we actually flipped a small (5 unit) apartment building in Phoenix, Arizona. To say that this project was challenging would be a MASSIVE understatement. To help this entire property appear more attractive we decided to flip one of the units that was vacant,
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In today’s home buying tips episode you’ll learn 12 negotiation tips when buying a house! **Watch the full video to learn the best real estate negotiation tips for buyers! Thank you.** When buying a house, it’s first important to identify the current type of real estate market your in. For example, a seller’s market, buyer’s