Buy Real Estate and build a Portfolio FAST!! (50k is an EXAMPLE! This works for 50k to 500k++)

Investment Strategies

Invest in Real Estate, with low money down. Invest like the pro’s and build a portfolio fast using one of the easiest and most common sense Real Estate strategies. This works for the beginner or the savvy veteran real estate investor. Let Jim Onesti with the Mccann Team show you how. (50k is used as an EXAMPLE! This works for 50k to 500k++)


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  1. Every real estate investment video:

    Let's just assume you buy a 150k home for 50k. Let's also assume a 30% ROI. We can quickly build a portfolio with houses cash flowing $500/m each!

  2. You can't find a home for 50k near me. Zillow, truila, etc comes up with 0 results when filtering to 50k. Even n absolute dump with the roof caving in you can't buy a house for 50k. I think the cheapest I seen was in the 80s.

  3. I love how all the videos conveniently omit the fees for purchasing a building: Taxes, appraisal, inspection, and so on… usually those fees will be pretty large, close to 10,000$. These are never shown in those calculations they do. It is possible to make the numbers work, but for god sake, show realistic numbers.

  4. I’m not trying to know you here but, in my experience lenders will not give you appraised value until you have owned the property at least 12 months sometimes 6 months but it’s a case by case basis; do you have a work around?

  5. Lets say you get mortage for home for years. How you will pay it? Using rental income? Is it realistic calculation? Rental cost is usually 2-5% of property value, how about interest?

  6. This would mean I would be in 100,000 of debt because if your getting this loaned from the bank then you would have to pay that back to them plus interest so your flipping the house not building a portfolio

  7. First, this is an all cash deal, which is not realistic to most people. Second, you leave out closing costs and a new debt payment that will be assumed after refinancing the asset. Since you do not explain income in this video, it is unclear the asset would even break ground with the new expenses associated with it. Terribly unrealistic video.

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