Flipping Real Estate vs. Owning Rental Properties. Is it better to Flip Houses?

Is it Better To Flip Houses Or own Rental Properties?
Many people as me is it better to get into Flipping Real Estate or “Property Flipping” as some call it or is it better for most people owning rental properties long term to make higher profits. Rental Properties are great because with Rentals you get a monthly cashflow from your investment. “Flipping Properties” is where you get a quicker profit in 1 lump sum but no monthly dividends. Those who own rental properties typically do for many years paying for their investment several times over. “Flipping Real Estate” is just the opposite but you can also turn your money several times over. I teach People how to flip real estate from all over the world. Enjoy my free webinar series by visiting my website at www.HeritageFunding.info if you are looking to seriously look to Flip Real Estate or be a Landlord.

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